Ogden City Council Minutes Archive

In the interest of promoting open government and as a service to the public, the Ogden Ethics Project is pleased to host this archive of Ogden City Council minutes on our web site. We also hope that this site will serve as an example, showing city officials and others how easy it can be to put this kind of information online for easy public access. We are extremely grateful to the Ogden City Recorder’s office for providing us with the electronic files that make up this archive.

The archive is organized chronologically, beginning in January 2000 and ending with the most recent minutes that were available when the site was last updated. Click on a year in the list below to see a full list of available minutes from that year. We’re not equipped to offer custom search capability, but you should be able to search most of the content using any of the major search engines.

This archive includes all approved minutes of Ogden City Council meetings, including work sessions, study sessions, and meetings in which the council was acting as the Redevelopment Agency or Municipal Building Authority. Only closed executive sessions are omitted.

This archive will be updated only infrequently. Minutes of more recent meetings can often be found on the official Ogden City web site. Minutes from before January 2000 are not available anywhere online but can be obtained from the Ogden City Recorder’s Office (2549 Washington Blvd., Suite 210, Ogden, UT 84401; 801-629-8150). We cannot guarantee that this site will be permanent, and in fact we hope it will become unnecessarily redundant when a suitable government agency decides to offer the same service.

Technical note on formatting: The minutes are formatted as pdf files, but not all pdf files are created equal. Most of these files were created from scanned images of the official printed and signed minutes. These images have then been processed with optical character recognition (OCR) software to create machine-recognizable text that can be searched and copied. This text may be on separate pages at the end of the document, or in an invisible layer superimposed on the scanned image. In either case, however, the OCR process is imperfect and may fail to recognize certain words. Thus, you cannot always count on locating all instances of a word via an automated search. The most recent minutes, starting in early 2011, have been created directly from the original electronic files without the printing/scanning/OCR process. These files are smaller, easier to read, and easier to search.