The Problem

As Ogden City has grown, our government officials have become more powerful. They manage a staff of 600 employees. Each year they collect $100 million in taxes and fees from Ogden’s residents and businesses. Through zoning policies and the Ogden City Redevelopment Agency, they control a large fraction of Ogden’s commercial real estate.

And unfortunately, power can corrupt. Even the most well-meaning politicians are constantly tempted to abuse their power. Some resist this temptation, but others soon learn that they can get away with a wide variety of ethical short-cuts. Some adopt the view that whatever is legal is also ethical. Others go further, breaking laws that nobody bothers to enforce.

The following examples highlight some of the problems that have occurred during the last few years. In some cases these actions were completely legal. In other cases laws were clearly broken, but nobody has ever been prosecuted. In all cases, we think the vast majority of Ogden citizens will agree that these actions were morally wrong.

Insider Deals

Financial Shell Games

Media Misuse

Personnel Problems

Questionable Campaign Contributions

So those are some of the problems. But we’re not here to place blame; we’re here to offer solutions. Please read our platform to learn more.